What is the best carpet?

Best Carpets

What is the best carpet? – This question is so important, as for many carpets are part of what makes a house truly feel like a home. The flooring chosen can really say a lot about the home and the its owner. You want a carpet to provide a balance atmosphere between cozy and comfortable.

This seems making the right choice even more overwhelming, right? There are probably a 1000s of questions running through your mind. The great thing for you, is you find your self on the flooring guru’s site. We will help take that stress away and make choosing a carpet a pleasant experience.

What is the best carpet?

This question is very broad, it all depends on many factors, for example:

  • How much you’re looking to spend – Your budget will have a huge factor on the choices you have. This could narrow down the options and make choosing a lot less stressful. ( Get in Contact for a no obligation quote).
  • Who and (what) will be walking on the carpet – For instance, High – traffic areas will benefit from more durable materials. If you have children or entertain you will need something that’s easy to clean.
Easy to clean
  • The look and feel you’re wanting – Do you want something glossy and plush, or tight and dense? Do you want a carpet you can sink your toes into, or something more flatter and stable?.

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How to choose the best carpet for your home


  • Stairs and Landing – Nylon short pile, its easy to clean and less likely to mat being able to withstand the high – traffic.
  • Hallways – Dark coloured carpets are fab for hallways, they conceal dirt. A berber – style provides long – term durability.
Berber Carpet
  • Bedrooms – Depending on your budget, Nylon or Wool. Choose a long pile or high level loops and thicker pad for extra comfort.
  • Kids areas – Loop pile in synthetic fibre. It’s a fab material to vacuum and spot cleaning without sacrificing comfort.
  • Living rooms/Family areas – Frieze or berber synthetic materials that are great for wear and tear and easy to maintain.
  • Kitchen/Dining room – Cotton is a fantastic choice for the kitchen or dining room in natural colours.
Cotton Rug

If you are still unsure on what carpet is the best to buy, get in touch with one of our friendly team. Let us put our expertise to the test.

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