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Stairs and hallways

What is the best flooring for hallways and stairs?

In this blog, you can find out what is the best flooring for hallways and stairs? What is the best flooring for hallways? Well, this depends on what you are going for in your hallway. The most recommended flooring for hallways is typically carpet or wood and laminate. But it does go by preference of […]

spotlight video

Spotlight Video

We are in the mist of creating a spotlight video. Why are we creating a the Spot-Light Video? We are creating a spotlight video because it showcases what we do here at Higgins Flooring. The reason and aim behind the spotlight video is to promote the business in an interesting way; as well as advertising […]


What are the most frequently asked flooring questions? and why?

What are the most frequently asked flooring questions and why? – This, in itself is a great question. There are so many questions asked about flooring on a daily basis, and what better way to find out what’s asked, and to answer than in a blog. Most asked flooring questions As people, it is natural […]

Matt fitting a carpet

How often should you replace your carpet?

How often should you replace your carpet? This is a great question and one so many are curious to know. I wish I could sit here and tell you exactly when your carpet needs changing, but unfortunately you can not predict this. However, I can help you look out for the signs that it’s time […]


Different Bathroom Flooring Options

Are you looking to give your bathroom a revamp and want to know what bathroom flooring options are out there? For you, you have stumbles across the perfect blog. Here we are going to look at many different flooring options suitable for a bathroom, alongside there pros’ and cons’. Like every other room in the […]

Best Carpets

What is the best carpet?

What is the best carpet? – This question is so important, as for many carpets are part of what makes a house truly feel like a home. The flooring chosen can really say a lot about the home and the its owner. You want a carpet to provide a balance atmosphere between cozy and comfortable. […]

Wine Stain

How to clean carpets

How to clean carpets? The carpets in our home cope with a lot more than just a vacuum can contend with, from muddy shoes, pet hairs to the ghastly food and red wine stains. With the carpets in our homes handling such high traffic, and truly being put to the test on a day to […]

Matt fitting a carpet

How to fit a carpet?

How to fit a carpet? – To so many this may seem like a breeze, until the moment comes to actually fitting and then they freeze. There is so much more involved than people see; fitting a carpet takes great patience and eye for detail – it can be the key part to making a […]

Dog on carpet

What Carpet Is Best For Dogs?

Do you have a fur baby, or thinking of getting one? Is the thought of choosing the best, most suitable flooring for your four legged friend daunting you. You want a carpet that does not show that wear and tear but provides comfort for you and your dog – it’s a tough decision, but we […]

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We need more floor layers

We need more floor layers- Higgins flooring are expanding! Are you a professional floor layer who’s looking for a change? Who would be excited to be part of a fantastic,fast paced, energized team? If yes, then we would love to hear from you! WHO WE ARE Higgins Flooring are a small local company that offers […]

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