How to clean carpets

Wine Stain

How to clean carpets?

The carpets in our home cope with a lot more than just a vacuum can contend with, from muddy shoes, pet hairs to the ghastly food and red wine stains. With the carpets in our homes handling such high traffic, and truly being put to the test on a day to day basis, it’s no shock they need a regular deep clean to keep them looking their best. So how can you clean your carpet regularly yourself?

Cleaning your carpets yourself

Here are some simple but very effective cleaning techniques to ensure your carpets are getting the deep clean they deserve, without calling in the professionals.

  • Shampoo your carpets: To keep your carpet as good as new, you should clean it with a carpet cleaning machine every 3 months using a shampoo. You can do this without getting in professionals, carpet cleaning machines are available to hire for as little as £23 a day from top retailers like B&Q.
  • Removing carpet indents: We’ve all felt the frustration from those indents in our carpets, caused by our heavy furniture. But don’t stress, with this handy technique they will never cause you eyesores again! To remove these stubborn indents simply rub over them with an ice cube! Yes, you heard it right an ice cube!.
  • Stains: It is vital that you treat stains with carpet cleaner as soon as the occur. Avoid over – blotting as this could embed the spill further into the carpet fibre, making it worse! Cleaning instantly will lift the liquid straight up. Remember to not use hot water, and this can make stains worse.
Muddy Footprints
  • Drying: It is crucial you don’t get your carpet too wet. If a carpet gets too wet there is a chance the dyes from the underlay could seep through. To dry spot treated areas use a hair dryer.
  • Vacuum: Making sure your carpets are looking good, hovering should be your first line of defence. To keep the dirt at bay make vacuuming part of your schedule 1/2 times a week. When hovering always remember to get around the edges and under any radiators. This helps to prevent those blank lines from forming.

If you have some questions about your carpet and would like to speak with a carpet genius, then please get in Contact.