What is the best natural carpet?

Natural Carpets

Natural Carpet

We all love a beautiful carpet, it’s one of the biggest elements in many homes after all, right?. Natural materials are becoming popular in todays world, and therefore for so many a ‘natural’ carpet is so important. The great news is there are some fabulous choices to pick from. Which one is the best all depends on what you are wanting from the carpet – they all have their own wonderful features.

All these carpets are oozing with rich fibres and authentic ‘ natural’ weaves. They are all made from eco-friendly renewable resources.

  1. Wool

This is the most popular ‘ natural fibre’ carpet choice. It’s a favourite due to it’s remarkable strength and resistant’s to stains. Wool is a fantastic choice if you are wanting a flooring that offers great insulation; it is super for both soundproofing and thermal insulation.

Where to use

Wool is a luxury carpet – It’s soft, cushiony sensation hugs around your feet, offering a feeling everyone wants to experience when stepping onto a carpet; making Wool perfect for any room.

2. Seagrass

How it’s made

This smooth anti- static , natural fibre carpet is grown in a manner similar to rice, amazing right? (Don’t panic the carpet itself is not made from rice). The name ‘Seagrass’ comes from the way the material is grown, it is planted in a paddy flooded with sea water each year. This carpet offers ‘ tough fibres’, which are also resistant to stains, dirt’s and even discolouring, this does mean it is only available is it’s natural hue. Seagrass is susceptible to damage from moisture.

Where to use

Be mindful what room this carpet is for if it is your choice, being in a kitchen or bathroom (moist environment) it would be subject to mold and mildew.

Seagrass Carpet

3. Coir

How it’s made

The inexpensive ‘ natural’ carpet choice manufactured from coconuts – mind blowing! Coir is a coarse material, offering a natural rustic look. You normally find coir on things like, doormats and sacks. Due to it’s abrasive texture it wouldn’t be a very good choice for bedrooms – it definitely won’t provide that huggable feeling like wool.

Where to use

Coir is a good choice for high- traffic areas like hallways. Unlike wool and seagrass, choir is known for staining.

Coir Carpet

4. Jute

How it’s made

A carpet woven from fibres of plants from the Corchorus genus, which grow in subtropical regions of Asia. Jute is one of the most softest and inexpensive choices of ‘ natural fibre’ carpets available. It is splendidly soft due to being make from the stalks of the plants rather than the leaves. On the down side of this, it’s not very durable, and can suffer from wear and rear rather easily.

Where to use

Due to the durability, Jute is suitable for low- traffic areas, like bedrooms.

Jute Carpet

5. Sisal

How it’s made

A carpet that offer’s durability and softness, derived from the Agave Sisalana plant species. This material is easy to dye, making it very versatile for flooring designs – a great choice for the arty clients.

Where to use

It wears well and can withstand high traffic, making it the perfect choice for most areas. Providing the comfort under your feet, not being too coarse. Sisal can become slippery with use, bear this in mind when considering the stairs.

Choosing the best ‘ natural’ carpet

As you can see we are spoilt for choice when it comes to ‘ natural’ carpets, so making sure you choose the right one for you home may feel like a lot of unwanted pressure. Don’t stress, Higgins Flooring is here to help you! contact out friendly, flooring experts Carpets for a free no- obligation chat. Let us take the pressure off you!

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