Should I install my flooring before or after new cabinets?

Kitchen with laminate flooring

Should I install my flooring before or after new cabinets? When it comes to kitchen remodels, this is a really good question; One that many homeowners will ask themselves. What makes it so interesting is the fact that the answer will be different for everyone; it depends on many factors.

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Installing flooring before cabinets

Generally, it is much better to install your flooring before your cabinets; this is for many reasons, such as:

  • The flooring contractor will not have to work around the exsiting cabinets, making the process quicker.
  • The flooring finish can be applied after the cabients has been fitted.
  • It gives a better finish/look to the overall flooring.

Of course, with everything there are some negatives with fitting the flooring first, for instance:

  • The flooring could get damanged when the cabients are installed.

Installing cabinets before flooring ‘

Just like with installing the flooring first, if you decide to go with this process, it also has positives and negatives you need to consider.

  • It is a tricker fitting process, as the flooring needs to be snug against the cabinets and appliances to achieve a clean, professional look.
  • As the flooring won’t be going under the cabinets/appliances, less flooring materials are needed, making it a cheaper option.

Flooring types

As we have mentioned above there are both negatives and positives to installing your flooring before and after the cabinets. Which way you go for comes down to personal choice; whatever works best for you. And this is generally the case with most flooring, however, there are some floor types out there that don’t give you so much of an option. For example, laminate.

Laminate is a flooring type that works best if installed after the cabinets. This is because the material needs to be able to expand and contract depending on humidity levels.

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