How to fit a carpet?

Matt fitting a carpet

How to fit a carpet? – To so many this may seem like a breeze, until the moment comes to actually fitting and then they freeze.

There is so much more involved than people see; fitting a carpet takes great patience and eye for detail – it can be the key part to making a home stylish and comfortable, offering the owners a chance to showcase their personality.

So if your carpet is going to be one of the eye-catching focal points in your home, it is vital that if it fitted perfectly.


While some might think fitting a carpet is throwing it down and gluing it into place. There is so much more involved then people realise, you also need to make sure you have the right tools in place.


1.Removing any old carpet

2. Preparing the Subfloor

To ensure the fitting of the new carpet goes smoothly, there are a few things you need to do. You need to make sure the sub – floor (the foundation of the room) is prepared properly. This is so important, if this stage is missed it will effect the way the carpet lies, and potentially ruin the overall look.

How to prepare the subfloor

Depending on the condition of the current floorboards, they may need to be replaced. Use fit tongue- and – groove flooring panels, this will be a cheaper way than fixing the old floorboards and will give a good base for the final flooring.

Tongue – and- groove floor panels

How to seal floorboards

If you’re replacing the floorboards completely, spray the floorboards with water on the textured side and stacking them back to back to dry for 48 hours. This stage can not be missed, this reduces the risk of the floorboards expanding after they’ve been fitted.

If there is minor damage to the subfloors, you need to brush on primer/sealer to protect the new carpet.

3. Grippers/Carpet Fitting

4. Underlay/Carpet Fitting

Underlay helps block sound transferring from room – room, it also helps with the comfortability of the overall finished product. It is a great idea to invest in a good quality underlay.

Once the underlay is down, you need to seal it with caulk. By doing this, moisture, insects, dust can’t permeate into your home.

5. Fitting the carpet

Exciting news! – you are now ready to fit your carpet.

Unroll your carpet and lay it loosely into the position on the floor. Remember when fitting a carpet leave about 50mm extra around the edges. You should start fitting your carpet along the longest wall and work back towards the door.

Here is some videos showing the stages to fitting a carpet – for more flooring videos head over and follow Higgins Flooring

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