Carpet or Laminate?

Carpet and Laminate

Who would have thought choosing between Carpet or Laminate would be a decision that was so difficult. Adult life comes with so many big decisions to make, right? So, it is so important we make sure these decisions are the right ones; especially when it comes to our homes and the flooring we decide.

Carpet or Laminate seem to be the two popular choices for many family homes, usually the two people can’t decide between. Thankfully for you, you have landed on the ‘Flooring Experts’ website. We help put the easy into any ‘decision’ with our knowledge and experience.

Carpet or Laminate

Both Carpet and Laminate are wonderful choices, they both have fantastic features – which may make that decision even harder for you. The flooring you choose will all depend on what you want from it. When you ask the question ‘What do you want from your flooring’ Durability will nearly always rank top! So this is a great feature to start with..

  • Durability- Both Floorings are extremely durable choices. With a mid- range carpet you would have a life expectancy of 10-15 years. Laminate flooring you would be looking at 15-30 years – This does all depends on how well maintained they are of course.

A lot of customers also have children or pets and therefore it is so important the flooring they choose is:

  • Easy to clean – An absolute must for us all. Laminate is overall easier to keep clean and maintain, you can mop, sweep, hoover and wipe over it. Depending on the Carpet choice- you may have to vacuum daily and even steam clean to remove dirt!
  • Hard to scratch or chip
  • Hard to Stain (Those accidental spillages will happen)
Laminate Flooring

Laminate definitely comes out on top for all of these, properly making it the go-to choice. However, so many still want Carpet even with children and pets (Check out What type of carpet is good for pets? ) and we get it, carpet is:

  • Soft – such a lovely feeling under your feet
  • Warmer- Naturally carpet feels warmer, making it a popular choice (Depends on the feel you want)
  • It can not be chipped or scratched
Carpet Samples

Both have great features, right? The fact they are both fairly comparable when it comes to price properly doesn’t help make the decision any easier either.

Still feel a little overwhelmed by it all? Maybe you want both and the decision is just too hard to make? Why not head over to Carpets and Laminate to get more information and ideas on what we can offer, some general advise or for a ‘free no obligation quote’ The team at Higgins Flooring would love to help you, after all it’s what we spend our life doing.

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