Where is the best place to buy carpet?

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Choosing what flooring we have in our homes in itself can be a very difficult challenge. (Check out Q&A to help make those decisions easier.) Once we have decided the best option making sure we buy the best quality of that flooring type, at the best price is a number one priority for all. So where is the best place to buy carpet?

Where is the best place to buy a carpet?

There are so many companies that offer lots of great carpet choices for competitive prices and overall quality, so knowing where is best to go can feel overwhelming. That’s where we are here to help you, as the flooring guru’s we know where people are shopping for their carpets and why.

  • Independent company – A choice that has become very popular over the years and seems to be on the rise. More people are looking for small, local family – run businesses. This is for many reasons, you genuinely tend to meet or speak to the owner directly; making it a more personal experience.
    • Service: Their knowledge and experience will usually be past from generation to generation, so they have more than likely been brought up in the industry. They normally bring carpet samples to your home, creating a more personal, memorable and convenient experience. Bonus- You can see the samples against your colour theme and furniture. (Show rooms would still be available as well, for those who still like to go and browse)
    • Cost – Some think this way is more expensive, however this is not always the case. They are normally very competitive, so always worth comparing.
Looking at carpet samples
  • Invisible Store’ – This mirrors everything an ‘ Independent company’ offers, however, they would not offer a show room as well. It would be a ‘Shop at home’ service. The disadvantage of this, is they may not have all the carpet samples for you to look at, feel etc.
  • Chain store or Franchise – These are stores in multiple locations. In both chain and Franchise stores the products, pricing, offers and advertising are all decided by head office; this is to make sure there is consistency across all stores.
    • Service – The service you receive will be to a good standard, however, it can be generic and robotic, due to the training and service protocols they have to follow. This may mean the service received does not feel personal. Chain and Franchise stores will have great experience in selling carpets and have great knowledge and understanding. However, unlike an independent companies they won’t be fitting and selling; the company will have contracted fitters.
    • Cost – The cost maybe similar to an independent store but as the prices are set by head office, deals may not be able to be negotiated.
Carpet shop, show room

Where is the best place to buy a carpet?

As you can see no place is better in ‘every’ aspect than others. ‘Where is best to buy your carpet’ all depends on what you are looking for and the experience you want. However, if you are looking at trade- offs, generally ‘independent stores’ come out on top with less. They will offer a good selection with options of a ‘show room’ and ‘shop at home’ experience, personal service and competitive prices – Giving the customers choice!

We are an ‘Independent Flooring Company’

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