What type of carpet is good for pets?


What type of carpet is good for pets?

Any pet owners wanting to change there carpet, or looking at getting carpet genuinely have two priorities they are looking for ‘Stain resistant’ and ‘Durability’. After all our four-legged friends can cause a lot of wear and tear and there’s also that occasional ‘pet accident’ that happens.

The great news is there are so many different types of carpets out there that are more than suitable for your ‘furry babies’ whatever the needs, You have:

. Polypropylene Carpet – This is a carpet that is stain resistant, so great for pets who often have accidents, the ones that love to constantly explore and not afraid of getting dirty when out and about, or the ones who like to bring us little presents home. This carpet is soft and has the stain resistant fibre built into the carpet, rather than a protective stain resistant layer being sprayed on top.


. Nylon – If ‘wear and tear’ is your main priority then this is the way to go.

. Dense Low Pile Carpet – This carpet is easy to clean and maintain, it’s tightly twisted yarn makes it hard- wearing and easy to vacuum – no more struggling to get those pet hairs up! making it a popular choice for pet owners.

. Wall to wall – This carpet offers more comfort for your pets. It also has a nonslip surface, so overall a lot safer for animals that struggle on tile and hardwood flooring. When our ‘fur babies’ spend a lot of time lying around this seems like a great choice.

. Berber Carpet – This is a great carpet for all this long haired four legged pets. It allows the hairs to be cleaned up easily, while enduring the frequency of vacuuming needed. Although this carpet is a great choice, regular maintenance of your pets nails would be required. There claws/paws can easily catch the Berber loops and ruining the flooring!

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