What is the best flooring for hallways and stairs?

Carpet and Laminate

What is the best flooring for hallways and stairs? – This is a great question, an area that withstands a lot of traffic; so what is the best flooring?

What is the best flooring for hallways?

What flooring you decided, will depend on a number of factors:

  • Do you have a specific picture in mind? – This can determine which route you go down.
  • What do you want from your flooring? – Do you want it to be easy to clean, feel warm?

The most recommended flooring for hallways is typically carpet, wood, or laminate. Laminate being the most popular choice for homes, as it is easy to maintain, especially if you have furry friends and children.

Stairs and hallways

What is the best flooring for stairs?

Whether you are choosing flooring for your stairs or hallways, the factors you consider will be the same.

The most recommended flooring for stairs is by far carpet. This is because carpet naturally makes your home feel warmer, and with the stairs being an open cold area, it’s no surprise that carpet is the number 1 go-to for stairs.

Let’s not forget, Carpet also offers soft comfort under your feet and is very pleasing on the eyes; making it a focal point for many homes.

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