Can you get Vegan Flooring?

Can you get Vegan Flooring?

This is an interesting question and it does make us think with vegan products becoming so popular – Can you get Vegan Flooring?

Interesting fact- This type has its own trend.

Can you get Vegan Flooring?

In answer to this, yes you can, and by having vegan flooring you are supporting a sustainable and eco-friendly environment.

Vegan flooring is now trending and as expected is in big demand. The types of vegan floorings available are:

  • Bamboo
  • Cork
  • Glass Tile
  • Linoleum
  • Re-claimed Hardwood
  • Synthetic carpet
Can you get Vegan Flooring?

Why is this type of flooring trending?

The reason this type of flooring is now trending is that people actually want eco-friendly and sustainable flooring in their homes. And let’s not forget vegans are becoming more known.

Vegan flooring is about sustainable, eco/environmentally friendly, reusable, recycled, and no-animal products and is cruelty-free; Making it a highly popular choice amongst many.

With this trend of flooring offering many attractive features, it’s no wonder it’s such a popular choice in many homes, but please note when considering these types of flooring – it can be a very pricey option.

What does this mean by having vegan flooring?

Well, it means with this type of flooring, the products used are suitable for vegans and come with a list of what the flooring is made from – An appealing feature.

Bamboo, Cork, Glass Tile, and Linoleum is self-explanatory because they have the material name in the title.

Bamboo is a plant that is hollowed out in the middle and the technical name is a bamboo shoot.

Cork is bark tissue from a tree and taken out when cut.

Glass is an amorphous solid but made and molded from heat (hot glass) then cooled down into shapes such as tiles.

Reclaimed hardwood is basically wood that has been recycled and cut down ages ago, made to make a more sustainable flooring.

Synthetic carpets are made from a material that is vegan friendly, as well as being fake such as faux wool, thread, etc.

All these materials tend to be environmentally friendly and sustainable.

IT IS YOUR PREFERENCE. Considering, what you want your home to have, and look like you are wanting to achieve and the materials you want to use.

Why is it suitable for Vegans?

In all honesty, these types of flooring mentioned above are suitable for vegans because they are sustainable and eco-friendly as well as made from materials that don’t harm animals or use animals.

Most of these materials are plant-based, so vegans can be confident about what flooring is going into their homes, and the process that was used to make it.

Here at Higgins Flooring, we put our customers’ needs first and make sure we consider everything we use fits our customer’s ideas and requirements.

Also, we try to use products and flooring that are as environmentally friendly as possible. We also make sure that we recycle and reuse excess materials and products where possible.

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