Do you have your own carpet?

Matt fitting a carpet

Do you have your own carpet? Are you struggling to find a company that will fit it?

Luckily for you, you have stumbled across a guru flooring company that has the answers for you!

Do you have your own carpet? – How we can help you!

Since the pandemic hit we have seen a serge in the amount of enquires we have been receiving, which has been fantastic! It seem’s now more than ever is the time to give your home a new feel.

And although we have been able to assist a large percentage of these enquires, there we some we couldn’t, due to the ‘fitting only’ service they were requiring.

This got us thinking…..

We are a premium company, well known for:

  • Being reliable
  • Having a team of non-pushy sales people
  • Guiding our customers
  • Allowing our customers to have full control
  • Bringing the showroom to you
  • Leaving rooms tidy

A premium company; full of a team that cares about their customer’s needs, and yet we wasn’t offering a service that there was clearly a market for.

So we asked ourselves ‘How can we be premium if we are not offering a service for everyone?’, This is when we decided a ‘fitting only service’ was vital.

Fitting only service

Matt- Higgins Flooring

We are so pleased to now be offering a fitting only service for our customers.

Do you have your own carpet that you needs fitting? Do you live within Oxfordshire or the surrounding areas? If so, Higgins flooring can help you!

To discuss this brand new service in more detail, or to find out what other services we offer, please get in Contact for a no-obligation chat.

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